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Discover our cutting-edge approach to construction, where we blend advanced technology with a strong commitment to our customers.

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”Our site specialists are all trained from the ground up and understand every aspect of the work requirements and procedures.”

Hong Hock Global Pte Ltd was established in 2013, and has since developed into a leading independent construction and roadworks company in Singapore. Our key competencies are in road works, road lining divider construction, and integrating cutting-edge technology in pipe laying and repair. We value our relationships with clients and strive towards continual improvement and technological advancement.

Company Details

Date of Incorporation: 17 December 2013

Company Registration/GST No: 201333837H

Safety Management: BIZSAFE Star

Transforming Landscapes

Dive into Our Diverse Projects

Discover the engineering excellence and innovative spirit that define Hong Hock Global Pte Ltd. Browse our showcase of completed and ongoing projects, reflecting our commitment to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction.

Our Services

Key Services We Offer

PUB (Repair and Pipe Laying)

Specialized services for public utilities, including repair and precise pipe laying, ensuring a smooth and efficient infrastructure.

PUB (Emergency Works)

Rapid response for public utility emergencies, providing quick resolution with minimal disruption.

Civil Work

Comprehensive civil engineering services, delivering top-quality results for public and private infrastructure projects.

Road and Drainage Division

Specialized in designing and implementing road and drainage solutions, contributing to better and safer transportation systems.

Cable Laying Works

We provide precision planning, regulatory compliance, and customized solutions to ensure seamless connectivity across diverse sectors and applications.

Incorporate with Local & Overseas Suppliers

Collaboration with a vast network of local and international suppliers to ensure the quality and availability of materials.

Our Expertise Across Industries.

From Public Utilities to Emergency Services, our involvement in different sectors showcases our commitment to excellence and innovation. Explore how we serve various industries with unmatched efficiency.

With services related to large-scale painting, concrete sealing, and urgent repair works, the company caters to various industrial needs.

Specializing in various forms of construction, roadwork, and specialized technological applications like Hydra-Stop Technology, the company operates within the broader engineering field.

Providing various civil works including road and drainage systems, pipe laying, and large-scale construction projects, they have a strong presence in the civil engineering field.

Handling road blockages, large scale painting, and road construction places the company in the road infrastructure sector.

Providing services like leak detection, pipe laying, and water main replacement, the company plays a role in water management and conservation.

Involved in construction and building works, including civil work, road, and drainage divisions, the company is actively engaged in the construction industry.

Working closely with the public utilities board (PUB) of Singapore, the company provides essential services in the maintenance, repair, and development of public utility infrastructure.

Offering urgent repair works and emergency services related to public utilities and road blockages, the company plays a role in this specialized sector.

Collaborating with local and overseas suppliers indicates their involvement in supply chain management and procurement.

Through innovation projects and incorporating cutting-edge technology in their services, the company also operates in the technology-driven innovation sector.

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Our Latest Project

Showcasing Our Current Projects

Discover our projects that have shaped communities and industries. We take pride in our ability to offer solutions that are not only practical but also innovative, fulfilling our clients’ unique needs and exceeding expectations.

ClientProjectsYear of Completion
PUBReplacement of Water Mains for Network Renewal Division Package 52026
PUBSupply and Instalation of Water Connection Works in West Division Zone W12025
PUBCR07 - Watermain repairs and other works for Network (West)2024
PUBCR07 - Watermain repairs and other works for Network (East)2024
PUBCR07 - Supply and Laying of PUB Newater/Water Mains for the Eastern and Western Zones2023
SING & SAN CONSTRUCTION PTE LTDCR07 - Replacement of Watermains for Network Renewal Division2023
OLINEROperations support and maintenance of transmission pipeline and installations at water supply( Network) department2023
PUBCR07 - Repairs and other contract work for Network services (West) Division2023


What Our Clients Say?

Our Strengths, Your Success

With over a decade of experience in the water industry, cutting-edge technology, and a highly trained workforce, we provide unparalleled quality and service. Discover the features that put us at the forefront of our field.

Innovative Technology

Incorporation of cutting-edge technology such as Hydra-Stop, reflecting a commitment to staying ahead of industry trends.

Quality Assurance

More than 10 years of experience in the water industry, with BCA-certified engineers and managers, ensuring top-notch quality in every project.

Comprehensive Construction Solutions

Offering a wide array of construction and civil work services, from large-scale painting to road and drainage systems.

Driven by innovation and guided by experience, Hong Hock Global Pte Ltd stands as a beacon of quality and reliability in the industry. Our commitment to our customers is more than a promise; it's the core of who we are.

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Over 32 years of experience

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Professional & Expert

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Accurate & Reliable

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24/7 Premium Support

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Meet the experts

Matt R. Crider

General Manager

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William Gardner

Assistant Engineer

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Frequently Asked Questions

We cater to various sectors such as industrial, construction, water management, infrastructure development, and urban planning. Our expertise extends to both governmental and private projects.

Quality is paramount in our approach. Our dedicated workforce, experienced engineers, and certified specialists adhere to stringent quality standards, and we comply with all relevant governmental and industry regulations.

Absolutely! Our In-House Training program emphasizes continuous learning, skill enhancement, and professional growth. It includes customized training modules and is conducted by experienced professionals.

Sustainability is integral to our operations. We implement eco-friendly practices, use sustainable materials, and work collaboratively with companies that offer novel, environmentally responsible technologies.

Hydra-Stop Technology is an advanced water technology that we employ in various projects, specializing in pipe laying and repairs. We are one of the main contractors in Singapore using this technology, enabling us to offer cutting-edge solutions.

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